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The Threats Are Real...

Viruses, spyware, and adware, collectively known as malware, presents a clear danger to you, your family, and your computer. Although it may currently infest your computer, its presence is not your fault. Many unscrupulous individuals make their living finding new and tricky ways to sneak this stuff onto your computer without your knowledge. The table below describes these threats and their symptoms. 

Malware - Internet Nasties

 Threat Description Dangers Symptoms
Spyware & Trojan HorsesSoftware that secretly gathers your information through your Internet connection without your knowledge, usually for advertising purposes. Spyware is often bundled as something you downloaded or installed from a website you visited. Once installed, the spyware monitors your activity on the Internet and transmits that information in the background to someone else. Spyware can also gather information about e-mail addresses and even passwords and credit card numbers.

  • Identity theft
  • Unauthorized phone charges
  • Computer hardware/software damage
  • "Zombie" computer - Your computer is controlled by someone else to perform malicious acts on others
  • System instability
  • Computer sluggish or unresponsive
  • Hardware acting up (cd door opens by itself, random reboots, etc)
  • Browser acts up (Home page won't stay set, can't close pages, etc.)
  • Ads constantly appear in browser
  • Windows error messages and crashes
  • New "favorites" in web browser
  • New toolbars on browser
Adware and Pop-UpsA program that displays targeted advertising, or reports users habits or information to third parties. Often bundled in free internet software.
  • Computer hardware/software damage
  • Performance decrease
  • System corruption
  • Annoying or inappropriate ads display even when not on the internet
  • Excessive pop-up ads
  • Pop-ups, pop-unders that won't close
  • You try to close a pop-up and more pop-ups show up
  Viruses A program designed to replicate itself and spread to other computers. Some viruses additionally are designed to damage data or halt operations on a system. Viruses can spread through diskettes, CD-ROMs, email attachments, and the Internet.
  • Computer hardware/software damage
  • Performance decrease
  • Security threat
  • System corruption
  • Identity theft
  • System crashes or won't boot
  • Friends receive emails from you that you never sent
  • Data files lost or corrupted

Most people don't really take much notice of the damage caused by malware. For example, when you log in to your email, you will often find yourself receiving tons of junk emails. Normally you just delete them, but they just seem to be increasing in number. One of the common reasons for receiving this junk mail is that a piece of spyware, or even a virus, is sending your email address to these people so they can continuously bombard you with junk e-mail. These types of spyware are called data miners.  Another type of spyware, the key logger, records your every keystroke and sends the data back to the spyware developer in the hopes to get your account numbers and passwords.  Don't be a victim, contact Taylor5 today!

Taylor5 Has The Solutions...

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  • Enjoy your computing once again?
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  • Feel confident and secure online knowing you have active, ongoing protection?

If so, call Taylor5 today.  We will first rid your computer of this junk and then put in place protective software barriers to defend your computer into the future.

Note: Although rare, Malware cleanup may result in loss of data.  You are advised to backup your data prior to cleanup, particularly if the computer is seriously infected.